How An Eleven year-old drove 200 miles alone to live with a man he found on Snapchat

Christopher Braun was watching in his Charleston police cruiser early Monday when he saw something surprising: A vehicle had pulled up nearby him — and a 11-year-old kid was in the driver’s seat, alone.

The kid had taken his sibling’s vehicle and driven a few hours from Simpsonville, S.C., to live with a man he met on Snapchat.


When the kid dismantled up beside Braun in an eatery parking garage at 12:30 toward the beginning of the day, he was 200 miles from home.

“He was lost, he didn’t have a clue where he was going, and he required assistance,” Charleston Police Chief Luther Reynolds told WCIV.

After his dad’s GPS gadget lost the sign, the kid was not able return the man’s location, on the grounds that the message had vanished; one of Snapchat’s highlights is an informing capacity that enables individuals to impart in short recordings and photographs that vanish following a couple of moments. Police haven’t decided the personality of the man.

When Braun reached the kid, police called his dad, who headed to Charleston to lift him up and take him back to Simpsonville.

“The kid’s home safe,” James Donnelly of the Simpsonville Police Department told WCIV. “It’s a continuous case.”

Police are as yet exploring whether the man tricked the kid to Charleston, WCSC announced Snapchat hack.

Reynolds, the Charleston police boss, gave a notice about web based life.

“I would love today around evening time, at the present time, anyone who’s watching this, who is a parent of a youngster, particularly a 11-year-old, to plunk down with your 11-year-old, at the present time, right this minute, and have a discussion about what you’re doing via web-based networking media, the perils, the advantages and things that as a parent we have to discuss each day,” he told WCIV.

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